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Apr 6, 2022

Join Daniel R. Goldstein, MD, Editor-in-Chief of JHLT, and the JHLT Digital Media Editors for two interviews with first authors from the April issue of The Journal of Heart and Lung Transplantation. Both studies relate to viruses in thoracic organ transplantation—but not coronaviruses!

Josue Villegas-Galaviz, MD (pictured), from the University of Kentucky, who is the first author of a paper entitled “Clinical outcomes of heart transplantation using hepatitis c-viremic donors.” Marty Tam, MD, and David Schibilsky, MD, interview Dr. Villegas-Galaviz about his multi-country journey to become a clinical and research fellow. They also explore the findings of his study, including its potential impacts on the practice of using Hep C positive donors in heart transplantation.

Next, Erika Lease, MD, is in conversation with first author Jennifer Saullo, MD, PharmD (pictured), from Duke University, on her study: “Cytomegalovirus prevention in thoracic organ transplantation: A single-center evaluation of letermovir prophylaxis.” Dr. Saullo shares how she made the decision to be educated as both a pharmacist and a physician, how that training has helped her throughout her career, and how she finds time for research amid these dual roles. She also shares her team’s work on CMV, the “troll of transplantation,” and some key take aways from using letermovir.

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